One of the founding principles of Darn Fresh Food™ has always been giving back to the community. This was something that we have been working for, and we are happy to announce that it is finally rolling out with our first program: Help My School. With this program, Darn Fresh Food and you will contribute to give back a portion of the profits to local schools. This is a great fundraiser for any school, a true community partnership.

Not your average fundraiser

Imagine this: you are around the house when the doorbell rings. As you open the door, you see your neighbor and her kids standing in front of you, asking you to buy some random cookie dough as a school fundraiser. You, of course, have no need for cookie dough, but then again you want to be a good neighbor and help out the local school. You order a couple of packs, pay your $25-30 and a couple of weeks later, you get two tubs of cookie dough to stuff into your freezer… sound familiar. While we all want to do our part by helping kids and your communities, many things commonly sold during fundraisers are not essential.

happy school girls running outdoor at sunny autumn day

A Smarter and Fresher Fundraiser

Now imagine this: you go to the grocery one or more times a week to buy many items. You enjoy buying things and saving money, and of course, you want your family to eat the best. You go to your computer, order some chicken, ground beef, and some bacon, a family favorite. Pay for your order and just like that, you raised money for your school. Your designated school will receive a portion of the profits from each and every item purchased. It is that simple. Not only will the school receive money from your purchase today, but they will also receive funds for each and every purchase you make FOREVER!

Consider the facts:

According to the National Chicken Council, the average family of five eats nearly 40 pounds of chicken per month. If you
purchase this chicken at the local big box store, you will pay about $2.34 per pound (at the time of this article), or about 93.60 a month. This is for frozen chicken; that contains a saltwater additive as a filler.

If you make the same purchase from Darn Fresh Food™, the same 40 pounds of chicken will cost you $1.88 per pound (at the time of this Chickenarticle), or about $75.20 for a savings to your family of $18.40. That is an annual saving of over $220! Best of all, our chicken is fresh, never frozen and does not contain any fillers. Better product, less cost, and your school will share in the profits. Now that is Smarter and Fresher!

Raise Money by Saving Money

That’s right, by making a purchase from Darn Fresh Food™ you can lower your food bill, buy better a better quality of products, and raise money for your school. Yes, now that truly is a Smarter and Fresher fundraiser. Your school will thank you; your wallet will like you, and your family will love you, and you never have to buy something you do not need to raise money for your school again.

While we are still in the process of developing our program and page on our site, it is up and running, and you can now start to participate, and your school will benefit. Check out our Help Your School page for more information.