Bulk buying of groceries is increasingly becoming more popular as everyone is looking for ways to save money on some of the things they buy the most: often groceries. While keep_calm_and_buying_in_bulk_on_note_cardsmany flock to the big box stores to load up for a few weeks or even a few months, it is becoming increasing more popular to use other sources to make purchases. That is where Darn Fresh Food™ come in. However, the question is this:

Is it really buying in bulk?

The short answer…. yes and no. It certainly depends on many factors, such as eating habits, the size of family, and so forth. For some, purchasing a case of chicken may be considered a bulk buy. For others, it is just a routine task, something done perhaps every month or even more.

The average person eats about 92 pounds of chicken per year!

According to the National Chicken Council, the guys who track this sort of thing, the average person consumes about 92 pounds of chicken per year. A family of 5 eats about 40 pounds of chicken each and every month… which just happens to be a case of chicken! In that case, it is really not about buying in bulk, but rather just making a monthly purchase. As such, using Darn Fresh Food™ is a very logical choice, as it is quick easy, and at a lower cost without all the fillers.

Not bulk buying, just buying smart!

By making a purchase one time per month, a family of five can easily save nearly $200 per year on chicken alone. We would also like to mention that by purchasing from Darn Fresh Food™ you are virtually eliminating the fillers in most commercially available chicken, resulting in a healthier product and a savings of around $250 per year… yes, on the same product.

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