The many ways that potatoes can be prepared reminds me of the scene from Forest Gump when Buba was telling Forst about the many different ways you can prepare shrimp. So with the spirit of Forst Gump, potatoes can be served: mashed, french fried, scalloped, hashed, boiled, broiled, baked, grilled… okay, I think you get the picture. There are certainly many uses for potatoes beyond to eat, and perhaps even many uses outside of the kitchen. That said, as we get into BBQ season, one of my favorite ways to use potatoes outside of baking them on the grill, is to use them on the grill itself.

When you cook many things on your BBQ grill, you often become frustrated when your food sticks. Sure, cooking a burger is easy enough, the fat cooking out from the meat is all that is needed to keep it from sticking. However, leaner proteins often require some type of coating to make sure it does not still to the surface. Commercially, there are some products on the market, and you can certainly get a more expensive grill. However, these grills and sometimes the sprays do not work as needed. The answer: a potato.

The next time you are grilling a very lean protein or really anything you think will stick to a grill; reach into your pantry and pull out a potato. Cut the potato in half, and rub it on your hot grill. This will create a nice coating of starch on your grill, and a perfect non-stick surface to grill fish, chicken, and other lean foods on the grill. You may need to reapply, but this is just as simple. Keep your cut potato close by, and reapply as needed.

Simple, easy, and certainly less expensive that other products and guess what… it works! Best of all, you most likely have some potatoes in the pantry (and most always do), and it is a much healthier alternative than others.