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Ground Beef 81/19 Medium Grind $2.69/LB


This is a perfect blend of Fat and Beef for great recipes, and Burgers…….

  • 81%lean/19%fat, Perfect blend for maximum flavor
  • 12/5lb packages
  • 61 pound average weight
  • Fresh
  • Fine Grind



● Use immediately or freeze quickly to preserve freshness

● Maintain below 40 degrees F

Cooking Directions

● cook on medium-medium high on stove top till the internal temp reaches 160+ Degrees F

● grill, broil, pan fry

Storage Suggestions

  • freezer
  • Make and cook meatballs, freeze for storage, add to sauce last minute, heat till warm
  • Make and cook Meatloaf, then freeze. Pull out 2 days before use, warm in oven or microwave.
  • Cook, add taco seasoning, freeze. Remove 2 days before and warm for easy TexMex.
  • Preshape hamburger patties max .5 in thick, freeze. Put directly on grill when ready. cook till 160+ degrees F

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