Customer and Purchase Terms:

As a customer, when you place an order on the website you agree to the following customer terms and conditions:

  1. Order placed on the website may be canceled up until 3 business days of the time of the scheduled event pickup. If less than 3 business days, refunds will only be made at the discretion of Darn Fresh Food.
  2. Once an item is confirmed for pickup at a specified pickup event, the customer will pick items up at that event. In cases where customers are unable to pick up food items, Darn Fresh Food will make a reasonable attempt to facilitate an alternate pickup; such as a different location. However, this is not guaranteed, and customers should make every effort to pick up the items as planned. In such cases of problems, please notify Darn Fresh Food as soon as possible to provide the best outcome with unplanned challenges.
  3. Items purchased on the website will be guaranteed fresh as ordered at the time of customer pickup.
  4. Upon receipt of the items, the customer is entitled to inspect the products to ensure satisfaction with quality.
  5. Once the item is received by the customer, the item cannot be returned. The customer is entirely responsible for reporting any problems with the product to Darn Fresh Food at the time of pickup.

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This page was last revised on 06/15/2016