Families are always looking to save money on their food bill and many purchase chicken in bulk at a local big box store. You have all seen the large bags of frozen chicken breast for what looks like a great deal. The question is this: is it a great deal?

Most shoppers will see the bags of chicken for $2.39-$2.49 per pound, and not think twice about their purchase. Appears to be a good deal right? Ten pounds of quality frozen chicken for about $24 at the average big box store. While true this may be a good value compared to what you will find at the local grocery store, the real cost of the chicken is higher than what is advertised. The truth is this you are paying for fillers and a lot of water.

The average shopper will see a bag of frozen chicken and assume that they are buying chicken. This misconception a common mistake, what else could be in the frozen chicken. However, if you read the bag you will learn that as much as a fifth of the product you are purchasing is water. A 10-pound bag of frozen chicken may have up to 2 pounds of water injected into the product. If you take that into consideration, the new price per pound is about $3.00, and worse, this is a sodium water solution. Not only are you now overpaying for your chicken, but you are adding a lot of sodium to your diet.

At Darn Fresh Food we only sell fresh, never frozen chicken without the fillers. In short, when you purchase chicken for $2.19 per pound you are getting all chicken with no water or fillers added. In a nutshell, you can get about 40 pounds of whole chicken breasts for about the same cost of 30 pounds at a big box store. How is that for a real cost and real savings.

Join the Darn Fresh Family and learn how you can save money on your grocery bill and start paying for just chicken, and not water.